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This page allows you to schedule an appointment for French Visa at your convenience. The appointment is only for submitting your application at VFS France Visa Application Centre Lagos.

For Lagos Consular Post

IMPORTANT: While scheduling an appointment, Applicants and Representatives are informed to give valid E-mail ID and contact numbers. In case the contact details are not valid, then the appointment may be cancelled by VFS. Representative have to produce government Photo ID for submission at VFS


Short Stay Visa:

For completing the biometric process at the French Consulate in Lagos, it is mandatory for every applicant to visit the Consular office with appointment. Appointment for this will be given at the time of submission of your application at VFS. You need not come in person for submission; your representative can submit your application on your behalf as a REPRESENTATIVE.

Please follow the following links to schedule/cancel your appointment.

Appointment Scheduling

Please click here to Schedule an appointment


1. Applicants can schedule an appointment for up to 6 applications for themselves and their family members baring the same last name.
2. Representatives are not allowed to schedule appointments for more than 2 applications per day.
3. Representatives who want to book an appointment for the family can take an appointment for 2 and get all the applications of the family bearing the same last name.(maximum 6 applications)
4. Family applications will be considered only if the members of the family bear the same last name.


Please click here to cancel your appointment

If you are not able to submit your application/s on the appointed day, kindly have your appointment/s cancelled which will enable other Applicants to have an opportunity to submit. Please make sure to cancel your appointment prior to your submission date.

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